Fitness & Wellness - Leisure Activities Mt. Ruapehu Hotel

Chateau Tongariro Hotel

A relaxing dip and a golf course with stunning views

Leisure Activities

Our heated indoor plunge pool is the perfect place to soak after a long day on the slopes or hiking trails and remains open until 11 PM daily.


This large rustic sauna is the perfect place to sweat it out after a day on the mountain or trails. You'll enjoy the scent of eucalyptus as the toxins leave your body. Open until 11 PM daily.


The rugged 9-hole golf course at Chateau Tongariro challenges players to embrace a natural tussock playing environment, and rewards them with sweeping views of the mountains and the Dual World Heritage Tongariro National Park.

Note: As this rugged natural course is located in an alpine environment, seasonal weather conditions may render it unplayable at certain times of the year.